The Mummy Review

The Mummy

The new Mummy has been framed as a reboot, a revamp of the 1999 film starring Brendan Fraser. In fact, the only similarities they share are the title and an undead Egyptian plaguing the modern world.

Set in the rather less exotic London, The Mummy (2017) begins like any other Tom Cruise film. He’s a smart-mouthed agent who’s gone awol in search of selfish gain. While he’s attempting to steal ancient artefacts to later sell, he runs into an old flame and awakens a long dead Egyptian criminal (backstory ensues). 

The storyline from then is jagged. Nick (Cruise) ends up embroiled in a mission to save the world and makes a lot of decisions that seem uncharacteristic. Unfortunately, the writers attempt to punctuate the story with one-liners that fall flat and slapstick that leaves the audience feeling awkward. Couple that with a barely-there love story and you’ve got a very average film.

The movie would perhaps have had more success with less ties to the previous franchise. Whilst Tom Cruise is in his element, playing the action hero he always does, it’s all too easy to compare him to Brendan Fraser.  Both characters are framed as loners, but Rick (Fraser) has a rugged charm and rough skills that woo librarian, Evie and indeed the audience. Nick (Cruise) just comes across cold and aloof. 

Verdict: An unnecessary recreation of a quality film. Just another classic Tom Cruise film, with less-than-exciting cameos and an unsatisfying ending.