GLOW on Netflix - It might be great

GLOW on Netflix - It might be great

So - as you can probably tell from the content on this website. We love wrestling here at Haus of Hoot. All kinds - WWE, Strong Style, the Indies (in fact we've got a great wrestling Podcast if you're interested). If it's got wrestling in it, chances are at least one of us has cast our dirty little eyes over it. Imagine my excitement then, when GLOW was announced by Netflix last year. A glossy, high profile Netflix original based on the original 80s syndicated women's wrestling show "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling". Initially, I misunderstood the premise, and got myself worked up thinking it was an actual wrestling show... it's not. It's a girl's drama show in the same ilk as "Orange is the New Black", but fear not (male) wrestling fans - that's a good thing. It means that you get to watch this show with your girl, gaining all of the brownie points associated with spending time with her, all while you get a glance at free boob.

Yes, I said boob. There's boobs everywhere in this show - it is set in the 80's after all, where (as far as I can tell) there was some sort of national bra shortage. When you initially turn it on, you'll have your reservations - is this going to be fun? Why are all the characters broads (you're watching a show with the word LADY in the title you neanderthal)? Is that Marc Maron? Yes. It's Marc Maron, and he's great in this. Full disclosure, I'm writing this as I watch episode four, so there's a good chance that things change, but early on Maron plays a sleazy director - a part that he's bloody good at. If you don't know Maron, he's kind of a big deal in the comedy scene (look him up, its probably a good idea), and he's an edge that gives GLOW something fun. If you've seen his own show, you'll already be familiar with his snarky "the world is against me" vibe, and he amps it up here to great effect. If you're not sold on a (predominately) female cast, then Marc might soften your evil misogynistic heart.

For those of you who do enjoy girls though, there's a great cast here. Alison Brie (Community/Madman) plays the lead here, as serious actor Ruth. Constantly downtrodden in the world of 1980s Hollywood, her casting agent finds out about GLOW and sends her blindly into the audition for it - where she meets the rest of the cast, including the first of several wrestling cameos in former WWE superstar, and current Lucha Libre sensation John(ny) M(undo)orrison. Along the way, you'll see more guys you know - Carlito, Brodus Clay, Joey Ryan and ROH stars Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian (you could even make yourself a little bingo card if you're interested in spotting these folks... first one to tweet @hausofhoot with the episode numbers/timestamps can gave a free gift!), adding a real air of authenticity to proceedings.

Over the last few weeks of promotion for GLOW, its been interesting to note that the cast have all said that they had to undergo real wrestling training here (I did myself once for about a month, but that's another story for another time), and it really does show. All too often, in things like this, they'll drag stunt folks in to do anything more than a sneeze, but here (if you're looking close enough) you'll notice that the girls getting thrown around are the actors themselves in a lot of the situations... it all makes for a less jarring experience and definitely made me engage with the show a lot more - these girls had to get into one of my interests, rather than half arsing it, and that feels good for a show like this. Granted, incarcerated women probably feel the same about "Orange is the New Black" (which I assume they're watching on their butt-smuggled smartphones using a stolen Netflix account), but it's nice to have a show that both respects, and even embraces, the subject matter so well.

The great thing about a show this well made is that it generates buzz though, and with the current female WWE roster so hot right now, it's a great time to bring something like this to the forefront and mutually bathe in the glow of each other's success. Netflix are definitely behind this, and the way it's being treated and received at this point speaks volumes - which is good news for all involved, and means that hopefully we'll get a second season out of this...

PS - did I mention Kate Nash is in this? As a little addendum, Kate Nash was/is a British "alternative" popstar kind of thing. I'm not really sure what you'd classify her music as, but she's tall, ginger and very very hot.  

So go forth, be merry, and watch GLOW on Netflix. All episodes are live and all of them (the five I've seen at this point) are more than worth your time.

As an extra treat... here's the pilot episode of the original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling show