#17: The N is for NERD

LIVE FROM the Sizzler on St. Raymond's Avenue. Jae continues to fight snake aids and calls upon the power of The Digital Artist formerly known as Radio aka The C.W to aid him! As they catch upon on things and spit hot fire about: Social Media and our reliance on it, Bookface, Domestic Abuse, XXXtencion and his new music video, R-Kelly, Chris Brown,  Star Trek, 50 Cent, Starz, POWER!!!!, Star Wars, Fake Fandom, Charity and how it works, The Hood go to Anime Starter Pack!, A Black Man's take on Pewdie Pie,  Attack on Titan, Berserk, Naruto!!!, C.W's Adult Adventures! More Language talk, the Hard R and the Hard F! A whole bunch of INSIDE JOKES, and so much more!

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