A Come to Jesus Meeting


I realise its been a while, and by now you've probably moved on to newer and better things, but I just wanted to drop you a line to say we're still here. Yep, the last time I wrote you was September 1st 2017. That was over six months ago. Well, turns out life got in the way of Haus of Hoot and its projects. Not all of them, if you're a subscriber to one of our excellent podcasts you'll know that better than anyone, but if you're not, search for Hehpi Jae or The G is for Geek at the top of the page.

Two podcasts? You had five. Yep. We did. We don't now. For various reasons that I can't/won't get into right now Haus of Hoot quickly shed half of it's content team -  more than half actually. It was a weird time where things just began to fizzle out, and it sucks because at one point last year we had a fucking load of content hurtling onto this website. Every day, something new. It took its toll on the guys writing/recording themselves to the point that a lot of them burned themselves out in the process. Nearly all of them decided not to return to HOH and that's fine, we'll welcome them back in the future if they want to.

So with Three Second Tan, Recast and The War Report no more, what did that mean for HOH? Well not a lot, as it turns out. I became lazy, bitter and generally not a fun guy to get involved with. I put out a call to arms to content creators in my desperation and I got nada back, so my resolve was dead. Destined to fall away into obscurity I spoke to a man you may know as Hehpi Jae.

A guy I've known for years and a guy who, throughout this tumultuous time was powering through. Continuing his podcast come hell or high water. Through illness, mental anguish and everything in between he stepped up to the microphone (nearly) every Monday and delivered a podcast that I am proud to have on this website.

What did he say? He told me to stop sulking, man the fuck up and pull my head out of my ass. See, in a former life, we worked together on another project and I was a notoriously flaky dude. I would come and go like a snakeoil salesman, promising much, but delivering little. He told me that he wasn't going to see Haus of Hoot become another one of these failed projects that I do, so shut the fuck up whining about not having people, and be people.

"Be people" is a mental concept. I am people, well a person at least. So what did he mean? He meant stop wishing I had a big team, and use the resources I have and you know what? He was right. Which leads me to where I am now.

Last week, I stopped with all of my excuse bullshit and I walked into a camera store. I've been saying I wanted HOH to be an outlet for me to become a filmmaker. I want to make videos that people watch, care about and engage with. I want to make podcasts that people want to listen to - that they are excited to listen to. So I dropped a sizeable chunk of money on a DSLR camera. When I say sizeable, I mean enough that I will feel it week to week, and being the stubborn bastard that I am, this will force me to get my money's worth. It'll force me to create content and it will force me to get off my ass and make this website a success. It's forced me to start making videos, and they're on Youtube right now and I need you to subscribe to our channel and stick your head in the door once a week, cos we're gonna be generating content again. A lot of it.


...and yes, my face is that of a gender fluid lifestyle blogger, and yes, I don't know a lot about the subject matter I'm discussing so far but it's a start.

So welcome back to Haus of Hoot - we've missed you.

Subscribe to the two podcasts here:

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An Open Letter to Future Human Service Workers

To Whom It May Concern,

   Hello. My Name is Warren Leigh, and I see that you were just hired to work in the wonderful field of Human Services. I myself have nearly 10 years of experience between security in my local school district and evening supervisor at a family homeless shelter. The Human Services field can be many things from rewarding to challenging. Quite frankly, it can be somewhat of a new adventure every day. 

   Now I don't want to come off as a know-it-all or the end all be all when it comes to this field. But I did want to share with you one main thing that I have learned along the way to give you a better understanding in whatever direction this takes you. 


   This poem was shown to me by a co-worker at my school. And it can relate to any type of Human Services job. The clients we deal with, whether they are students or parents with children, have dealt with or continue to deal with many different kinds of trauma. No one staff member, unless they some how see it first hand, will ever know what an individual goes through outside of the walls that surround your place of employment. You would be amazed at the things that someone has to do from 3pm until school the next day at 8am. Or the obstacles that an individual faces before they reach your facility and you and your team help them find stable housing.

   Another thing to look at, more so in the school setting, being mindful of the temperament of a child. I have especially noticed this in regards to younger kids, but this can apply to almost anyone. My home school coordinator, which is a fancy way to label someone a vice principal and pay them much less, gave me this little tibbit when he came to my Pre-K through grade 8 school. If you happen to see a child come to school and are immediately on level 12 and he just doesn't seem like he's enjoying life. The first thing you want to ask him, before addressing any behaviors "Did you eat breakfast this morning?".

   It may seem trivial and minute, and I'm sure most people take it for granted. But this goes back to no one knows what to that child outside of those walls. You don't necessarily know when the last time that child ate anything was. And for all you know it could have been lunch time the previous day. Within the last 2-3 years, my school district made breakfast and lunch free for everyone. A far cry from when I was this age and my mom would cut a check for me and my brothers to pay for our lunch monthly. So feed that child and at least try to get them on track to succeed. 

    Well I've probably taken up too much of your time with this. And that's if you are even still reading this or have already resigned from your job. But let me leave you with this one last thought. When you're dealing with adults, whether they are parents of students or a part of families in the shelter system, their anger may not be 100% in regards to you informing them of curfew or any other policy in place. Their anger may have to do with a myriad of other things that they have going on. Never take that anger personal. Even if that anger leads to personal attacks. Always start every day as a new day and never ever hold a grudge.

   If you keep an open mind, you can go as far as you want in the wonderful field of human services. 

   Good luck to you. 

An Open Letter to Ta Nehisi Coates, Regarding Racism



Dear Ta Nehisi Coates,


A friend of mine recently sent me a facebook “meme” depicting one of your quotes regarding the election of Donald Trump and by proxy racism. In the meme and quote which you can read above, you assert that racism means that a person who is a different race must work harder than someone who is white to achieve the same result.


Now I know many people will take this literally and argue, “Well,that means basketball is racist, I am short so I have to jump higher to reach the hoop. Therefore, basketball is racist.” Those people are simply being contrarian and arguing semantics.


Your argument is worse than that. It is a misleading comment taking a series of anecdotal events without taking into account the facts surrounding them. Why did Barack Obama have to be so much more qualified, by your own standards I might add, than Donald Trump was to win his election.


Well, let's look at who he had to run against. Mitt Romney was a popular, moderate Republican, with an impressive track record of work in a traditionally Democratic State. Donald Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, was a divisive Establishment Democrat whose campaign was haunted by controversy after controversy. Hmmmmm, I wonder why Barack had so much more trouble than Donald.


Let's set the politics of the situation aside and let's look at some NUMBERS. Because both Donald and Barack ran against the same person, Hillary Clinton, although Barack is on a smaller scale, if we look at percentages it should be clear that Barack should have had a harder time against Hillary. Barack Obama won 54% of delegates compared to Hillary’s 46%. Meanwhile in the Electoral College Donald Trump won 56% of US Electors to Hillary’s 42% and lost the popular vote to boot!


If we also want to consider Barack’s election against Mitt, who is also a Wealthy White Man, we see Barack trounced him with 62% of the Electoral College to Mitt’s 38%. Hmmmmmm I suppose the system is truly stacked to favor Wealthy White Men over Wealthy Black ones right?


At the end of the day Mr Coates, your misrepresentation of facts and use of anecdotal evidence to push a harmful narrative is shameful. As a journalist and more importantly as an American pushing for equality your willingness to latch onto a bottom of the barrel argument for the sake of getting a few views is repulsive and no better than the click bait articles and memes you see on facebook… oh wait.


Best Regards,


Moussa “Trash” Bechwati