Kathy Griffin, a Stream of Consciousness Musing.

Hi, this is my first time writing for HoH. I hope you find my musings light, witty and insightful. Also, I will try my hardest to not hurt feelings in my writings. I understand that, in this day and age, men and women alike are a bit more in-tune with their ovaries, and that's cool. Enjoy.

I saw, in my Facebook feed, (because that's what middle aged people use for social media interaction with each other...another article for another day) that Kathy Griffin, esteemed comedienne and television B lis....C lis......D-List celebrity has apparently done a photo shoot beheading our current president of the United States. I will never post my political views, or discuss them with friends, colleagues, my wife, my inner dialogue, ever. My views are my views, suck my balls. If you tell me your views, whether I agree with them or not, suck my balls, because I really, seriously could give two shits about how you feel about literally any fucking issues happening at all, ever.

On to Kathy "Why the fuck am I still around" Griffin. Seriously, how? Think about it, put a poll out to your friends on your favorite social media platform, and ask "Do you like Kathy Griffins body of work?" I guarantee 85% of people would say "No" and the other 15% would say "Who the fuck is Kathy Griffin".

I know I came across her standup back in the day when she was working hard, not funny then. Then I saw her on Seinfeld, SEINFELD, and even though her lines were written for her, I still kinda wanted to kick her in the flaps. THEN, she became the D-list celebrity try hard that everyone knows. Trying to push boundaries like Amy Schumer (at least SHE was funny at one point in her career), trying to be 'risque'...guess what, thanks to the internet, and the most fucked up porn available for free every minute of every day, nothing you ever say, do or record on video will EVER be shocking.

I'm not posting this because I'm offended, or shocked by what she did with Trumps fake head. I'm offended that she showed up in my news feed. I mean, come on Facebook, really? You know me well enough to, somehow, know when I need gas for my lawn mower, but apparently every time I see Kathy Griffins face and say "This bitch, AGAIN?!!? Someone let her drive drunk for fucks sake!" you don't pick up on that.

On a side note, I did take some initiative and search for "Kathy Griffin piano on head" and "Kathy Griffin standup less funny than Helen Kellers" and also "Too late for abortion of Kathy Griffin?" on my page, so...fingers crossed, you know?

If she could just do ME, PERSONALLY a favor and just start up and stick to doing podcasts so the 40 something year old moms of 4 who are the life blood to your period stain of a career that live vicariously through your firebush of failure career can re-use your terrible jokes when they're at their book clubs, I would really appreciate it.