A Come to Jesus Meeting

A Come to Jesus Meeting


I realise its been a while, and by now you've probably moved on to newer and better things, but I just wanted to drop you a line to say we're still here. Yep, the last time I wrote you was September 1st 2017. That was over six months ago. Well, turns out life got in the way of Haus of Hoot and its projects. Not all of them, if you're a subscriber to one of our excellent podcasts you'll know that better than anyone, but if you're not, search for Hehpi Jae or The G is for Geek at the top of the page.

Two podcasts? You had five. Yep. We did. We don't now. For various reasons that I can't/won't get into right now Haus of Hoot quickly shed half of it's content team -  more than half actually. It was a weird time where things just began to fizzle out, and it sucks because at one point last year we had a fucking load of content hurtling onto this website. Every day, something new. It took its toll on the guys writing/recording themselves to the point that a lot of them burned themselves out in the process. Nearly all of them decided not to return to HOH and that's fine, we'll welcome them back in the future if they want to.

So with Three Second Tan, Recast and The War Report no more, what did that mean for HOH? Well not a lot, as it turns out. I became lazy, bitter and generally not a fun guy to get involved with. I put out a call to arms to content creators in my desperation and I got nada back, so my resolve was dead. Destined to fall away into obscurity I spoke to a man you may know as Hehpi Jae.

A guy I've known for years and a guy who, throughout this tumultuous time was powering through. Continuing his podcast come hell or high water. Through illness, mental anguish and everything in between he stepped up to the microphone (nearly) every Monday and delivered a podcast that I am proud to have on this website.

What did he say? He told me to stop sulking, man the fuck up and pull my head out of my ass. See, in a former life, we worked together on another project and I was a notoriously flaky dude. I would come and go like a snakeoil salesman, promising much, but delivering little. He told me that he wasn't going to see Haus of Hoot become another one of these failed projects that I do, so shut the fuck up whining about not having people, and be people.

"Be people" is a mental concept. I am people, well a person at least. So what did he mean? He meant stop wishing I had a big team, and use the resources I have and you know what? He was right. Which leads me to where I am now.

Last week, I stopped with all of my excuse bullshit and I walked into a camera store. I've been saying I wanted HOH to be an outlet for me to become a filmmaker. I want to make videos that people watch, care about and engage with. I want to make podcasts that people want to listen to - that they are excited to listen to. So I dropped a sizeable chunk of money on a DSLR camera. When I say sizeable, I mean enough that I will feel it week to week, and being the stubborn bastard that I am, this will force me to get my money's worth. It'll force me to create content and it will force me to get off my ass and make this website a success. It's forced me to start making videos, and they're on Youtube right now and I need you to subscribe to our channel and stick your head in the door once a week, cos we're gonna be generating content again. A lot of it.


...and yes, my face is that of a gender fluid lifestyle blogger, and yes, I don't know a lot about the subject matter I'm discussing so far but it's a start.

So welcome back to Haus of Hoot - we've missed you.

Subscribe to the two podcasts here:

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The G is for Geek - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-g-is-for-geek/id1298832674?mt=2

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