Michael Jordan vs Lebron James - Moussa's Take

Regarding the provoking “”””thought”””” pieces by my colleagues Geraldo Wuvera and Warren Leighvon, I must firmly stand opposed to them both. When you talk about who the Greatest of All Time is you have to forget teams, you have to forget stats, and you have to forget every single qualifier regarding your hypothetical conclusion. When all is said and done the ONLY thing that matters is who would be the greatest basketball player man to man, one on one.

While the argument could be made for either one of these men to be the greatest of all time five on five. One on one however, the greatest basketball player of all time is none other than the Big Baller himself,


Lavar Ball.

Now, you may be saying to yourself, “Moussa, what are you saying? Lavar Ball is an NFL washout, he never played in the NBA!” To which I would eloquently reply, “Shut up Dummy, grab your shovel and pickaxe and get ready to dig into what I’m about to say.”


One on one basketball isn’t about your stats, it's isn’t about style, hell, it isn’t even about how well you can ball. It's about physical dominance on the court, and it's about how well you can impose your physical dominance on the court. Let's look at some real stats:


Lebron James: 6’8”, 250 lbs, 7’ Wingspan

Michael Jordan: 6’ 6”, 216 lbs, 6’ 11” Wingspan

Lavar Ball: 6’ 6”, 320 lbs, 7’ Wingspan


I think it's pretty clear, Lavar Ball would have a cake walk with Michael Jordan. You take away his ability to muscle his way into the paint and what do you have left? A 50/50 shooter who’s gunna get badgered by a more physically dominant player.


Now, Lebron James is a closer call, but I have to give the edge to Lavar Ball. While Lebron is slightly taller, the two are even on wing span and Lavar outweighs him by 70 lbs. You see the same scenario unfold here, Lavar will keep Lebron out of the paint with sheer physicality and let Lebron brick himself out of the game.


Now the real matchup for greatest of all time? Lavar Ball, or Charles Barkley?

The NBA's Dark Knights

The NBA's Dark Knights

Michael Jordan VS Lebron James - Warren's Take

Michael Jordan VS Lebron James - Warren's Take