MMA- The Passion of Demetrious Johnson

When you talk about who the best pound for pound fighter in Mixed Martial arts several names come up. One name that may not come up as often amongst casual fans is Demetrious Johnson's. This, is the crux of the media nightmare that is about to hit Dana White and the UFC.


Demetrious Johnson has recently released a statement via sbnation, contending that Dana White is actively keeping him and flyweights off of UFC and under representing him and his division when it comes to marketing for these events.

Now, its no secret that Dana White is prone to playing favorites when it comes to booking and promoting fighters, however, until now it has always been in way that could benefit the UFC.

Was Rhonda Rousey the juggernaut the UFC had marketed her as being? Not quite, but she was charismatic, interviewed well, and had a tremendous image. This combined with UFC's marketing of her helped to bring a lot of eyes, and more importantly dollars, to the UFC's product.

While Jon Jones may be a contender for greatest fighter of all time, he has some personal issues that makes him a, less than ideal role model. However he also displays that same charisma and turns every press conference into an event.

Now, Demetrious Johnson is also in the conversation for greatest fighter of all time, right there with Jon Jones. However, to place it lightly his personality is milk toast. He's soft spoken, courteous and polite at press conferences. Since he isn't as divisive as a Jon Jones or as media friendly as Rhonda Rousey he isn't marketed as a top star like they are. 

But lets look at his stats and accolades. He is the current longest reigning champion in the history of the UFC. He is tied with Anderson Silva for most consecutive title defenses at 10. He's won 2 Fight of the Nights, 3 Performance of the Nights, 1 Submission of the Night and 1 Knockout of the Night. 


What he lacks in personality he more than makes up for in the cage. So when push comes to shove, Dana White has to decide whether he wants to run an entertainment focused brand based on who is more electric to the media, or he wants to focus on his competitors?

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