New Japan has a US Title!

New Japan Pro Wrestling is great (I'm told). Full disclosure- I'm at best, a casual viewer. I watch Wrestle Kingdom every year and I have no idea how to pronounce Okada's first name (Kazi-chuko?). If you want to know a dirty little secret... so are most. Yep. Even the guy who tells you he watches every moment of New Japan programming is, at best, probably watching it once a month (and he definitely can't pronounce Okada's name). We all are, and that's no bad thing - its in a funny language and it comes on TV at an hour when only vampires and crack addicts are actively seeking entertainment.

Judging by this monstrosity of a title belt, New Japan must think the aforementioned vamps and crack fiends need a Champion of their own. Sitting somewhere between a medieval chastity belt and a third grader's aluminium foil based Halloween costume, I'm expected to believe that such an item will be coveted by the high flying Gaijin (See, I'm an expert now) that inhabit NJPW.  There's going to be a tournament to crown the first Champion to boot! Am I sold? No - but Jay Lethal and a man called Hangman Page are both going to be involved so I'm sure I'll warm to the idea by the time it happens in July... if I work out who Hangman Page is. 

Image - Turns out Google really does have everything